Sydney Sweeney Falls Victim to Hack: X Account Used to Promote Solana Scam Coin

The Solana blockchain continues to be a serious option for cybercriminals, as evidenced by the newest cybersecurity attack involving rising Hollywood superstar and actress Sydney Sweeney when her X (formerly Twitter) account was compromised as a way to promote a fake Solana-based meme coin dubbed “SWEENEY.”

Sweeney’s notoriety and influence were used to trick unwary fans into investing within the fraudulent meme coin through posts that promised bonuses and special opportunities for early investors. 

Fake Solana-Based Meme Coin SWEENEY’s Entry Into The Crypto Market

On Tuesday, Sydney Sweeney was probably the most recent victim of a social media hack as her X account was hacked to advertise a fake Solana-based meme coin. This event comes after similar celebrity attacks, all aimed toward promoting questionable cryptocurrency tokens, like those on 50 Cent and Hulk Hogan.

Following the hack, the intruders posted misleading messages and links enticing Sweeney’s followers to speculate within the phony cryptocurrency SWEENEY, making the most of her high-profile position and sizable social media following. “Going continue to exist spaces soon, stay tuned to see what SWEENEY can do,” one among the posts read.

Hackers take control of Sydney Sweeney’s account | Source: TOBTC on X

These comments, which seemed authentic to her tens of millions of followers, directed people to the web site that claimed to be selling the fake Solana meme coin. The concept Sweeney’s account was compromised was sparked by the team’s quick motion to take back control of her account and take away the false posts.

In line with trading platform TOBTC, the meme coin witnessed a notable surge in trading activity after its introduction into the crypto market, amassing over $10 million in lower than 2 hours. Nonetheless, despite experiencing such an enormous trading volume, SWEENEY suffered a roughly 90% decline in value just a few hours after the posts were deleted.

It’s price noting that this shouldn’t be the primary time Sweeney’s X account has been hacked and utilized by cybercriminals to advertise a fake token. Back in January, the actress’s account was breached to advertise a separate Solana meme currency with a graphic depiction of sex.

More Hollywood Actors Breach Ahead?

Sydney Sweeney is the second Hollywood figure who has fallen victim to a hack in lower than 2 months. In April, superstar actor Tom Holland also often known as Spider-man, saw his X account breached by hackers.

These bad actors allegedly announced that the Spider-Man hero was establishing “Spiderverse” in collaboration with the Binance exchange after taking control of the account, which boasts tens of millions of followers.

This event brings to light the increasing tendency of fraudsters to make use of well-known social media profiles to advertise cryptocurrency schemes. It also emphasizes how crucial it’s for users to exercise caution when interacting with digital assets and to substantiate the legitimacy of investment opportunities, particularly those advertised on celebrity profiles.

SOL trading at $142 on the 1D chart | Source: SOLUSDT on

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