Biden’s Crypto Policies Under Fire: Cardano Leader Speaks Out

In a recent video shared on, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson called on US voters to prioritize crypto within the upcoming elections. Speaking on to the American public, Hoskinson stressed the pivotal role blockchain technology could play within the country’s economic, political, and social fabric. He warned that re-electing President Joe Biden could spell disaster for the American cryptocurrency industry.

Hoskinson didn’t mince words in his critique of the Biden administration. On social media platform X, he voiced his frustration with the absence of a Democratic primary, which he believes would have exposed Biden’s waning performance. He questioned why the general public continues to tolerate the present situation and highlighted the necessity for real alternatives in leadership.

The SEC ‘Regulation By Enforcement’ Approach

Central to Hoskinson’s criticism is the Securities and Exchange Commission’s strategy of “regulation by enforcement.” He argues this approach has led to substantial job losses and hindered a trillion-dollar industry. Hoskinson accused the Biden administration of deliberately attempting to “destroy the American cryptocurrency industry,” portraying the upcoming election as a vital turning point for the sector’s future.

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Hoskinson contrasted the US regulatory environment with those of nations like Singapore and Switzerland, which have embraced cryptocurrency with open arms. These nations have seen significant investment and economic growth attributable to their favorable policies. He suggested that many corporations now operating overseas would have preferred to be based within the US if the regulatory climate had been more supportive.

Voices From The Crypto Industry Join In

Hoskinson’s concerns resonate with other key figures within the cryptocurrency world. Messari CEO Ryan Selkis and the Winklevoss twins echo his dissatisfaction with the present regulatory environment. These industry leaders have turned the crypto lobby right into a formidable political force, able to influence policy directly.

Voters Face Long-Term Economic Decisions

The upcoming elections might be a watershed moment for the American cryptocurrency sector. Voters are being urged to think concerning the long-term impact of their decisions on the nation’s economic and technological trajectory. As Hoskinson and other industry leaders amplify their voices, the talk over cryptocurrency regulation is about to play a big role within the political discourse.

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