1 Magnificent Stock That Turned $10,000 Into $2.7 Million

The bogus intelligence (AI) boom has lifted Nvidia to recent heights. The “Magnificent Seven” stock has soared 27,310% up to now 10 years, making it one in every of the world’s Most worthy corporations.

But there is a much smaller business that has performed even higher. I’m talking about Celsius (NASDAQ: CELH). This beverage stock has skyrocketed 27,360% up to now decade (as of June 25), turning a $10,000 investment right into a jaw-dropping $2.7 million.

Let’s take a more in-depth have a look at Celsius’ meteoric rise to becoming a $13-billion business today. Then by viewing things with a fresh perspective, investors can assess if the stock is a great buying opportunity.

Energizing growth

For those who see a stock that has skyrocketed as much as Celsius has, it’s value taking the time to determine what aspects led to such a powerful performance. On this case, it should not be a surprise that the important thing driver of Celsius’ ascent has been incredible sales growth.

Behind only Red Bull and Monster Beverage, the business has develop into the third-largest energy drink seller within the U.S. In 2023, Celsius reported revenue of $1.3 billion. That figure was 102% higher than the 12 months before. And it represented a formidable 25-fold increase from only five years ago.

While the broader non-alcoholic beverage industry could be extremely mature, the energy drink category is registering faster growth. Perhaps consumers aren’t eager about drinking sugary beverages as much as they were 10 or 20 years ago. Or perhaps there’s simply a heightened deal with drinks which are supposedly healthier for you.

That is what Celsius goals to be. By marketing its products as functional beverages which have certain health advantages, it has steadily gained consumer mindshare. Any consumer-facing brand should strive to just do this.

Celsius has also benefited from getting its drinks in front of more customers. This implies expanding its presence in various retail settings. The business can be finding tremendous success on Amazon, a particularly popular e-commerce site that gets billions of tourists every month.

And with the assistance of PepsiCo, which is Celsius’ distribution partner each domestically and abroad, this company is in a good position to maintain finding success.

Is it too late to purchase Celsius stock?

Since hitting their all-time high in March of this 12 months, Celsius shares have been nosediving, tanking 42% in lower than five weeks. On May 28, Dara Mohsenian, a research analyst at Morgan Stanley, published a note that said the corporate’s sales fell sequentially in the course of the week ending May 18, causing Celsius’ market share to dip barely.

But even after its monumental decline, I still imagine Celsius is an overvalued stock. It trades at a price-to-earnings ratio of 61.6. That is a steep valuation to pay, particularly as sales are slowing down. And I believe it gives prospective investors zero margin of safety.

Celsius is predicted to extend revenue at an annualized clip of 31% between 2023 and 2026. It is a far cry from the triple-digit growth investors have probably develop into accustomed to.

What also worries me is that these projections could prove to be overly optimistic. Celsius has likely already taken advantage of the so-called low-hanging-fruit opportunity with its Pepsi deal. Furthermore, the industry has virtually no barriers to entry. There’s nothing stopping a well-funded entrepreneur from starting his or her own energy drink business, which consumers could flock to.

Celsius has undoubtedly been a improbable investment up to now decade, turning a small sum into nearly $3 million. However the stock doesn’t seem like a sensible buying opportunity today.

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