Who’s America’s Enemy? Russia or the opposite Political Party? – Investment Watch

by Martin Armstrong

In writing the Biggest Bull Market in History, published in 1986, I needed to do all the unique research. I read all of the newspapers each day yr after yr to return to the belief that attitudes shift backwards and forwards. It became very obvious that before FDR and the introduction of Marxism to the US, the main target was on markets. With Roosevelt, he weaponized the Federal Reserve and nearly the whole lot else to further his agenda. Roosevelt demonized Pierre du Pont for he made loads of money providing the weapons for World War I. Roosevelt called him the Merchant of Death, but then suddenly needed him again for World War II.

The nation is dividing significantly. That is why the US cannot stand divided. The newest poll demonstrates that the forecast made by our computer is unsurpassed. The query presented was who’s our enemy?

For Democrats, the highest three results named Russia (31 percent) as our “biggest enemy,” followed by Republicans (26 percent) and China (16 percent).

For Republicans, the highest three are China (35 percent), Russia (33 percent), and Democrats (12 percent).

We now are beginning to see that we’ve got an enemy inside – the other political party. This is completely essential for it confirms the forecasts of our computer which were common since our 2011 WEC.

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