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by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: I feel fake news is global and it definitely appears to be some form of international manipulation of society. Here in Germany, it could be worse than there across the pond. We’ve got fake news over COVID, now hiding the vaccine injury crisis. The press has its agenda. I suppose they’re just like the North Korean military. They get free food so that they lie and oppress everyone else.

I don’t see that is going to ever change. You might be right. We simply need to crash and burn for these people won’t ever report the reality. It at all times comes right down to them against us. You might be the legend and you’ve gotten paid the value for that title.

Best wishes, at all times.


PS Dubai could be the only place we will all get together again. Give it some thought!


As identified by Norman Fenton and Martin Neil, The LANCET appears to have lost its fame for independence and joined the group over COVID and pretend news. As they identified in this text, on May sixth, 2021 “The Lancet published a blatantly flawed study of the effectiveness of the Pfizer covid vaccine on the population of Israel, claiming it was 95% effective.” Then on May seventeenth, 2021, Fenton and Neil submitted a rapid response 250-word letter explaining why the study was flawed. The LANCET refused to even publish their letter to the editor.

I didn’t get vaccinated BECAUSE I actually have worked with governments world wide. I actually have been called into nearly every crisis since 1985 BECAUSE I understand the sport, which is all wordsmithing. Once the federal government began pushing the COVID vaccines and locked down the world, knowing how politics works, I made a decision to hunker down and refused to get vaccinated for ONE MAJOR REASON! Once the federal government crossed that line and have become authoritarian using COVID, I knew that there would NEVER be any accountability in anyway. Now that individuals have been seriously injured by these vaccines, the federal government will proceed to call it a conspiracy theory for they are going to NEVER admit a mistake or that they were bribed.

I used to be NEVER anti-Vax. My children got all the conventional vaccines. Every so often, I might take the flu shot. I do know someone who thought he was getting a flu shot they usually gave him the COVID vaccine and he became seriously ailing. A lawyer I do know took the vaccine so he could travel, got the blood clots, and now cannot fly. Now because the elite fly to DAVOS, they need only pilots who were NOT vaccinated.

The most important medical industry has failed society. My doctor retired and a brand new younger doctor took over his practice. He asked me if I used to be vaccinated. I responded resoundingly – NO! He responded GOOD!. I suggest in case your doctor just follows the group and the federal government, get another person.


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