Wikipedia is a Big Problem That No person is Talking About – Investment Watch

by Chris Black

When your average normie desires to look something up for quick information, where do they go? 


 They’re unlikely to critically examine the content of the article or the sources provided, that are typically going to be propaganda pieces by the mainstream press.

Wikipedia’s sourcing policy makes it nearly unattainable to make use of anything aside from mainstream media articles as “reputable sources” for anything having to do with current events, so naturally all the pieces pertaining to current events is fully NPR-brained alternate reality stuff.

For example, there may be a whole cavalcade of “Trump admin scandal articles,” but virtually none about any of the scandals that happened under Obama. 


Because that’s how the press selected to misrepresent reality.

 Everyone knows the Obama admin had quite a few scandals; the IRS scandal, ATF gun walking, solar energy money laundering, Ukraine crisis, it goes on.

The content on Wikipedia is nothing but a sort of “information laundering” lifted from mainstream press editorializing. And I’m really undecided what to do about it. 

There aren’t any real standards for regulating something like Wikipedia and it seems unlikely that there ever could possibly be under the sort of government we’ve got.

The worst thing about it’s that Wikipedia has done an excellent job of selling itself as a “grassroots” source of knowledge when it’s, actually, heavily curated by highly motivated ideologues. 

But normies don’t know that…

Wikipedia Co-founder says:

 “The articles are so biased, actually, that it’s fair to call them propaganda”:

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