The ATF is About to Publish the Recent Pistol Brace Rule – Investment Watch

by Chris Black

For many who don’t know, a “brace” is a stabilizing device that will be attached to a firearm as a way to provide shooting support.

The one reason they exist in any respect is since the federal government insists on continuing to make a totally arbitrary distinction between “rifles” (weapons with a barrel ≥16″) and “short-barreled rifles” (the very same weapons but <16″) and “pistols” (the very same weapons but with a barrel <16″ and no stock) 

The brand new rule gives owners, manufacturers and distributors 120 days to report their stabilizing braces to the ATF tax-free. 

They may remove the stabilizing brace or turn in any pistol modified by a stabilizing brace to the ATF.

Gun rights are one in all the one voter concerns that elected Republicans still reply to. 

Now could be the time to badger your Attorney General about when and the way they’ll sue the feds for this, and ask what your Senators and House Rep are doing, and to ask your local Sheriff to not comply.


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