5 Best Prolonged Automobile Warranty Corporations of 2023

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A automotive warranty is a service contract that covers vehicles against certain mechanical malfunctions or manufacturer defects that manifest inside an agreed-upon timeframe or variety of miles driven.

Brand latest cars include manufacturer warranties that cover repairs for a minimum of three years or 36,000 miles. Automobile owners have the choice to buy an prolonged automotive warranty that may cover their vehicle after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

Read on to study the perfect prolonged warranty corporations of 2023 and discover whether a vehicle service contract (VSC) is true for you.

Our Top Picks for Best Prolonged Automobile Warranty Corporations

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Best Prolonged Automobile Warranty Reviews

Why we selected it: We chosen Endurance as the perfect prolonged automotive warranty for older and high mileage vehicles since it offers coverage for cars which can be as much as 20 years old and have been driven as much as 200,000 miles.

  • Direct provider and claims servicer
  • 350,000 certified mechanics within the U.S. and Canada
  • Covers repairs directly — no must pay out of pocket
  • Offers 24/7 claims processing
  • Not available in California
  • Business drivers cannot mix unlimited mileage with their policy

Endurance has two automotive warranty series, Elite and Advantage. The elite series offers five coverage options in ascending order of advantages and price: Select Premier, Secure, Secure Plus, Superior and Supreme.

As with every prolonged automotive warranty plan, premiums will rely on your vehicle make and mileage, so it’s essential to call the warranty provider to get an accurate price quote.

The Elite plans, like most prolonged warranties, don’t cover vehicle maintenance costs. Nevertheless, the Endurance Advantage warranties do.

The Endurance Advantage plan offers one yr of free Endurance Elite advantages plus yearly regular maintenance, including engine diagnostic exams, tire rotations, alignment checks and up to a few oil and filter changes.

Endurance Advantage also includes one-time services equivalent to cooling system maintenance, and battery and brake pads substitute, simply to name a number of. This series has three tiers: Prime, Plus and Preferred.

Endurance’s contracts have a consequential loss clause, which implies the corporate will only cover components which can be listed within the contract and never incidental or consequential damages, equivalent to lack of time or transportation.

The Endurance Elite series offers the next coverage tiers:

Select Premier Secure Secure Plus Superior Supreme
Coverage level Most reasonably priced Great for high-mileage vehicles Mid-level coverage with a brief waiting period of 30-days/ 1,000 miles Comprehensive stated-component coverage includes engine, transmission, suspension, drive axle, etc. Bumper-to-bumper coverage, great for vehicle’s that need maximum protection
Coverage details Excludes breaks, suspension, gaskets or steering Only covers drive axle, engine, transfer case, transmission and turbo Excludes cooling system, suspension, fuel and gaskets Excludes gaskets Full powertrain and components coverage

The Endurance Advantage series offers the next coverage tiers:

Prime Plus Preferred
Coverage level Most reasonably priced Includes basic powertrain and choose components Most comprehensive
Max. vehicle age 20 years 15 years 10 years
Max. mileage Unlimited 200,000 miles 150,000 miles

Why we selected it: Infinite Auto Protection gets our nod as the perfect basic warranty plan since it offers highly flexible plans that could be customized to the motive force’s budget.

  • Offers barebones coverage to limit costs
  • Some business vehicles accepted
  • In-house claims processing
  • Direct provider
  • Plans have to be paid upfront

Infinite Auto Protection sells basic warranty plans through three coverage tiers: Prime, Modern and Foundation.

Its most barebones tier, Foundation, stands out as a comprehensive basic policy that covers parts of the powertrain, including the cooling system, drive axle and electrical components. It also covers front and rear differential assembly and 4×4/AWD components equivalent to the oil pump output and all other internal lubricated parts.

Its Modern package includes every little thing mentioned above plus steering, while the Prime package is best suited to vehicles with GPS/navigation or sunroof motors.

All plans include your selection of repair facility, 24/7 roadside assistance, rental automotive reimbursement and courtesy towing.

Infinite Auto Protection’s contracts have each betterment and consequential loss clauses, giving them a bit more room than another corporations to disclaim claims.

Consequential loss clauses stipulate the corporate will only cover components which can be listed within the contract and never incidental or consequential damages, equivalent to lack of time or transportation.

Betterment clauses, meanwhile, state that vehicle parts have to be replaced with those of comparable kind or quality. If the part is replaced with one among higher quality, the service contract provider won’t cover its cost.

Infinite auto protection coverage tiers are as follows:

Foundation Modern Prime
Coverage level Most reasonably priced, basic powertrain Medium coverage, much like powertrain plus Most comprehensive plan with coverage for GPS navigation, convertible/sunroof motor repair, temperature control programmer, etc.
Coverage details Includes gas/diesel engine, transmission, 4X4/AWD, drive axle, electrical, cooling, brakes, differential assembly Includes gas/diesel engine, transmission, 4X4/AWD, drive axle, electrical, cooling, brakes, differential assembly, steering Includes gas/diesel engine, transmission, 4X4/AWD, Hi-Tech, drive axle, electrical, cooling, brakes, differential assembly, steering, super/turbocharger, fuel, heater and AC front/rear suspension, ABS-brakes

Why we selected it: We chosen CARCHEX because the prolonged automotive warranty company with the perfect range of plans due to its unusual variety of plans — 25 in total — tailored to just about all needs and budgets.

  • 25 coverage levels
  • Multiple add-on options with each plan
  • CARCHEX just isn’t a direct provider

In total, CARCHEX offers 5 coverage tiers — Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium — for a complete of 25 coverage packages. Moreover, all prolonged automotive warranties from CARCHEX include the Care plan, which provides additional advantages including 24/7 roadside assistance, courtesy towing, rental automotive coverage, gas delivery and trip interruption.

CARCHEX’s Gold coverage includes protection for all major systems and is well-suited for vehicles with over 60,000 miles. The Platinum and Titanium tiers, then again, offer the best level of stated-component coverage and factory coverage for some items.

Each CARCHEX plan tier offers different coverage levels. For instance, the Bronze plan is available in two coverage options: Bronze and Powertrain.

Since CARCHEX is a automotive warranty broker, it doesn’t itself write and administer all of its plans. A few of its programs are guaranteed by American Auto Shield and Royal Administration Services, and others are managed by CarChex.

By way of limitations and exclusions, all AAS contracts have each consequential and betterment clauses, while Royal’s contracts have only a consequential loss clause. Read each contract fastidiously to find out which is true for you.

Coverage terms vary by tier and include month-by-month and 5-6-7- and 10-year coverage options.

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Titanium
Coverage level Covers all major systems, including engine and transmission Essential coverage for all major systems, greater than basic powertrain Comprehensive coverage for all major systems on vehicles with over 60,000 miles Highest level of stated-component coverage Highest level of coverage available, much like factory
Terms Monthly, 5- or 6-years Monthly, 5-, 6- or 7-years Monthly, 5-, 7- or 10-years Monthly, 5-, 7- or 10-years Monthly, 7- or 10-years

Why we selected it: CarShield is our pick as the perfect prolonged warranty plan for motorcycles and ATVs since it’s one among the few corporations that supply a specialty comprehensive coverage plan designed for these vehicles.

  • 24-hour roadside assistance included
  • Multiple coverage options
  • CarShield just isn’t a direct provider

CarShield is one among the few corporations that supply specialty coverage for motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). It also offers six warranty options that range from basic powertrain to comprehensive exclusionary coverage.

CarShield also offers two specialty coverage options: an Aluminum tier and coverage for motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. The Aluminum package covers most electrical and computer systems.

The motorcycle and ATV coverage extends to engines, transmissions, drive axles, fuel injectors, fuel pumps, steering, suspension, brake and electrical systems. This package also includes water pumps, radiators, alternator, starter and factory audio repair. GPS or navigation coverage usually are not included.

CarShield contracts include emergency roadside assistance, rental automotive reimbursement and trip interruption coverage. Most contracts are transferable in the event you sell your vehicle, but be certain that to call a representative to debate your contract options.

CarShield is a vehicle service contract broker, meaning that its plans are administered by one other company. For instance, some plans are guaranteed by American Auto Shield.

Like most other corporations on this list, CarShield’s vehicle protection plans include each betterment and consequential loss clauses.

In ascending order of price and coverage level, CarShield’s packages include PowerTrain Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Coverage level Basic Powertrain (most reasonably priced) Powertrain Plus Comprehensive Highest coverage level
Coverage details Covers all lubricated engine parts, transmission and water pump. Covers major and minor vehicle parts, including transmission, engine, water pump, alternator, starter, AC and power windows. Best for vehicles with higher mileage. Covers engine, transmission, AC, electrical system, water pump, starter, fuel pump and more. Covers engine and transmission failure, starter and fuel pump.

CarShield’s specialty coverage options include:

Aluminum Motorcycle & ATV
Coverage level Covers select components Just like Powertrain Plus
Coverage details Covers most electrical and computer-related problems including starter, engine control module, navigation/ GPS system, electrical system and more. Contracts have several types of coverage. For instance, there are contracts that cover motorcycles and other special circumstances.

Why we selected it: We chosen Concord Auto Protect as the perfect automotive warranty company for customer engagement since it is more responsive than most to customer feedback on platforms equivalent to Facebook and the Higher Business Bureau.

  • Free roadside assistance included
  • Direct provider
  • Coverage plans aren’t customizable
  • Consequential loss clause, limiting claim options

Concord Auto Protect is a direct provider of prolonged automotive warranty packages with over 20 years of experience. It offers 24/7 support by phone in addition to multiple ways to contact customer support via client login, email, Facebook chat and online form.

While the identical could be said for other competitors by way of customer support, not all provide Concord’s other tools for engagement. The corporate actively posts on social media on a weekly basis and is unusually thorough and timely in responding to customer feedback on the Higher Business Bureau website.

Concord Auto Protect offers three coverage tiers, including Powertrain, Advanced and Premium. The Powertrain plan is its most simple, followed by the Advanced tier which adds AWD/4×4 and steering coverage.

Its Premium package includes every little thing in Powertrain and Advanced, plus general bumper-to-bumper protection and Hi-Tech electronic coverage.

Concord’s vehicle service contracts contain a consequential loss clause, which implies the corporate will only cover claims for components which can be included within the coverage.

Each Concord plan has a 30-day money-back guarantee and is fully transferable.

Powertrain Advanced Premium
Coverage level Most reasonably priced Mid-level coverage Most comprehensive
Coverage details Provides coverage for engine, transmission, drive axles, cooling system, electrical components and master cylinder. All the pieces in Powertrain plus, all-wheel drive and steering coverage. All the pieces in Advanced plus, heating, AC, suspension, fuel system, high-tech electronics and turbo/ supercharger.

Other corporations we considered


  • No deductibles
  • Flexible payment options
  • California residents should purchase a separate contract

Toco is best for those in search of reasonably priced vehicle service contracts that cover the fundamentals. The corporate offers plans with zero down payments you could “pay as you go.” Moreover, you possibly can cancel your policy at any time, for a fee.

All Toco plans include 24-hour roadside assistance, trip interruption coverage, rental automotive profit and hotel/motel discounts. Nevertheless, Mechanical Breakdown Insurance coverage for California residents could also be different.

Lastly, Toco has nationwide repair facilities and pays for covered repairs directly with the shop, although some limits and deductibles may apply.

Why it didn’t make our list: Toco only offers month-to-month payment plans, which can not suit all drivers.


  • Customizable plans
  • Select your deductible
  • Plans usually are not transparent
  • Need to offer personal information to get a quote

Perpetually Automobile has 4 coverage levels, in ascending order of price and coverage: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus.

Each plan has complimentary advantages including rental reimbursement (as much as $35 per day on a 5-day maximum, 10-day maximum for parts delay), 24-hour emergency roadside assistance (as much as $100 per occurrence) and travel reimbursement.

Its travel expense refund covers as much as $200 per day (5-day maximum) for lodging, food and transportation expenses should your vehicle break down greater than 100 miles away from home. This profit just isn’t available for Recent York residents.

Why it didn’t make our list: Unlike other competitors, ForeverCar doesn’t sell vehicle service contracts for cars older than 2012 or which have over 150,000 miles.

Protect My Automobile

  • Multiple advantages
  • Between 50% and 75% savings on mechanical repairs
  • Doesn’t sell contracts in AK, CA, HI, MO, OK or WA

Protect My Automobile offers three vehicle warranty tiers starting from powertrain to comprehensive coverage: Driveline, Select and Supreme. The corporate also has an Ambassador Line designed to cover maintenance costs no matter your vehicle’s age or mileage.

Ambassador plans are maintenance programs that include free oil changes and tire rotations. You furthermore may rise up to 75% off all covered mechanical repairs, rental automotive services for all repairs scheduled for 4 hours of labor or more and 24/7 roadside assistance. Roadside assistance includes lockout service, fuel delivery, flat tire service, battery jump-start and 24-hour towing.

Why it didn’t make our list: Protect My Automobile doesn’t offer coverage options in six states. While some corporations featured on our top list don’t offer every plan in every state, they supply alternative coverage options within the states wherein they’re not energetic, which Protect My Automobile doesn’t.

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A bit Prolonged Automobile Warranty can go a good distance.

The inevitable breakdown happens. Be certain that you could have a plan that works for you and your budget so you possibly can drive confidently on a regular basis. Click below to start.

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Best Prolonged Automobile Warranty Guide

In the event you’re in search of long-term coverage on a vehicle, an prolonged warranty may provide protection against some breakdowns as a result of electrical or mechanical malfunctions. These warranties shouldn’t be confused with automotive insurance, which may provide help to pay for repair costs that you just incur as a result of an accident.

To provide help to determine if an prolonged automotive warranty is true for you, this guide covers how this optional coverage works, what it covers and what to look at out for when buying.

What’s an prolonged automotive warranty?

An prolonged automotive warranty, also often called a vehicle service contract, is an optional insurance policy you should buy to cover certain vehicle components and repair costs. The policy supplements or replaces the warranty coverage provided by the automotive’s manufacturer.

Prolonged automotive warranties don’t cover all repairs or parts but may cover mechanical and electrical components that the factory warranty doesn’t while omitting others that the manufacturer covers.

How does an prolonged automotive warranty work?

Prolonged automotive warranties cover some vehicle repairs and the substitute of certain components for a predetermined variety of years or miles. As with factory warranties, they often exclude “wear items” equivalent to tires.

These warranties may go into effect once your manufacturer’s warranty expires or overlap with that coverage. It is best to confirm which is the case for any prolonged automotive warranty you’re considering.

It is also vital to read the tremendous print and ensure what your manufacturer’s warranty covers and for the way long. Otherwise, you might find yourself buying coverage that you just have already got. Listed below are a few of the differing types of prolonged automotive warranties and what they often cover:

Forms of prolonged automotive warranties

Prolonged automotive warranties, those sold by third-party vendors versus original equipment manufacturers, often feature the next coverage tiers or levels:

  • Powertrain. Powertrain warranties cover parts that generate and transmit power, including the engine, transmission and axles. This is commonly the least expensive coverage tier since, while the covered components could be expensive to repair, they’re limited in number and fail relatively rarely.
  • Powertrain Plus. This includes basic powertrain coverage, plus some added coverage or components which vary per company.
  • Bumper-to-bumper. Bumper-to-bumper warranties offer probably the most comprehensive coverage and are subsequently the most costly. Most such plans include the vehicle’s major mechanical systems, aside from specifically excluded items. These exclusions generally include “wear and tear” items equivalent to brake pads or tires, for instance.
  • Named component including emissions. A named-component contract covers a particular list of components. For instance, it could cover your vehicle’s GPS and electrical system but nothing else. There are also typically separate warranty terms for emission components equivalent to catalytic converters, which can run for more months and miles than even the powertrain warranty — especially for cars bought in California.

What does an prolonged automotive warranty cover?

As mentioned above, there are numerous sorts of prolonged automotive warranty that cover different components. It is important to notice that the components covered will rely on the precise terms of your coverage plan. The next is an inventory of a number of the more commonly covered parts and services:

  • Powertrain components (engine, transmission, drive axles, seals, gaskets, etc.)
  • Air con (compressor, condenser, evaporator, etc.)

However, there are some components and services which can be commonly excluded from coverage, though corporations may offer add-on coverage options for a number of of the next:

  • Preventative or routine maintenance
  • Frequently scheduled maintenance
  • Damages resulting as a result of neglect or lack of standard maintenance
  • Damages as a result of environmental aspects
  • Shock absorbers and struts

How much does an prolonged automotive warranty cost?

Because no two cars are the exact same (or a minimum of utilized in the identical way), the associated fee of an prolonged automotive warranty depends upon numerous aspects:

  • Existing coverage. An prolonged automotive warranty could be considerably cheaper in case your automotive continues to be covered by the unique factory warranty once you request a quote.
  • Coverage type. More comprehensive coverage plans equivalent to bumper-to-bumper and exclusionary plans will often cost greater than basic powertrain protection plans.
  • Coverage length. Because cars are likely to need more repairs as time goes on and their mileage goes up, a longer-lasting contract will often cost greater than a short-term one.
  • Vehicle type. Older cars and vehicles with high mileage are more likely to need more frequent repairs than a brand new vehicle. An prolonged automotive warranty for a automotive that needs more frequent repairs may have a better premium overall.
  • Deductible. Your deductible is the amount of cash you must pay before your coverage kicks in. As a general rule, the lower your deductible is, the upper your monthly payment shall be and vice versa.
  • Provider. Different providers will charge different prices for similar products. Take note that you just get what you pay for and a less expensive product can have less favorable contract terms.

Is an prolonged automotive warranty value it?

The worth of an prolonged automotive warranty will rely on numerous aspects, including the style of automotive you are getting coverage for, your financial situation and the extent of risk you are comfortable with.

An prolonged automotive warranty could also be value it if:

  • Your manufacturer’s warranty is about to run out and you intend on keeping your automotive
  • Your automotive may be very unreliable but you possibly can’t afford a brand new one
  • You desire to set a predictable automotive repair budget

Here’s what to contemplate to provide help to settle on whether to purchase a plan.

Don’t buy if the manufacturer’s warranty continues to be in effect.

One easy rule of thumb: In case your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty still applies, even partly, likelihood is you do not need an prolonged automotive warranty.

The advice applies even when the manufacturer’s bumper-to-bumper coverage period has elapsed, and only the prolonged powertrain warranty stays in effect. Since the most costly and consequential automotive repairs covered under prolonged warranties are likely to involve powertrain components, notably the engine and transmission.

Many common repairs cost lower than annual plan premiums.

Even when the factory warranty has expired an prolonged automotive warranty may not all the time make sense. Many common automotive repairs cost lower than annual premiums and even with an prolonged warranty, you are still required to pay a deductible for repairs before your coverage kicks in.

For context, replacing a damaged alternator (a quite common repair) can cost you between $250 to $500 with parts and labor included. Depending on the specifics of your prolonged warranty plan, you might easily pay $700 in premiums all year long, not counting the deductible which may start at $50, but could be much higher in the event you select a plan with lower premiums.

Expensive repairs may or might not be covered, or be value fixing.

An prolonged warranty could prevent numerous money if a serious component equivalent to your transmission or engine fails. Replacing those could easily cost you between $3000 and $10,000. Nevertheless, each typically run for a minimum of 150,000 miles, especially if well-maintained (which is a obligatory condition anyway for the prolonged warranty to be in effect).

It is best to also note that not every major auto repair is necessarily covered by an prolonged warranty, especially for older vehicles, which can have more exclusions to coverage than newer ones. One common exclusion across prolonged warranties is the automotive’s catalytic converter, which may cost 1000’s of dollars to exchange.

Watch out for myths in regards to the need for coverage.

Be able to resist a tough sell on an prolonged automotive warranty once you buy a vehicle from a dealer. Partly, that’s because high profit margins on these plans mean the salesperson may make more on this add-on than they do on the automotive itself.

And as previously mentioned, an prolonged warranty could include coverage that is likely to be offered by the manufacturer’s warranty which comes along with your latest automotive.

What’s your comfort level with risk, and skill to cover a giant repair bill?

In the event you’re particularly nervous a couple of costly automotive failure, the peace of mind a plan provides may override its drawbacks. This is especially true if it’s easier so that you can pay a monthly premium as an alternative of saving up for emergencies.

Take note, though, that prolonged warranties don’t cover every little thing; you’ll still should budget for such expenses as routine maintenance and insurance and have the opportunity to pay the deductible as needed if and once you file a claim under a plan.

select an prolonged automotive warranty

Prolonged automotive warranties are sold each by dealerships or manufacturers and third-party vendors — the latter being the type of plans we’ve reviewed here.

In the event you receive a plan quote from the dealership, you do not need to just accept it immediately. As a substitute, postpone the choice when you shop around for warranties from third-party vendors as well. Make the most of the proven fact that a lot of these vendors offer free quotes for comparison purposes.

Listed below are some things you possibly can do as you shop around for the perfect coverage:

Compare plans. Compare plans by not only their monthly costs but additionally the terms and exclusions of the warranty agreement. That features noting the range of deductible you possibly can elect to pay. Also ask how increasing your deductible may affect the premiums you pay, since a better deductible tends to lower those costs — and can still deliver a considerable amount within the event of more serious repairs.

Check when the plan kicks in. Check when the plan kicks in, and the way that compares with any remaining coverage from the carmaker’s factory warranty – which can last for a few years, particularly on certain major components. As noted above, resist buying a plan if the manufacturer’s coverage still applies, because you could be duplicating coverage you have already got until the factory warranty elapses.

Do a side-by-side coverage comparison. Review prospective plans side-by-side for the automotive components they cover — and don’t cover — and the extent of coverage. Note, too, how the warranty company stipulates it’s essential to maintain the automotive, and the paperwork required to prove that you’ve got done so, since some plans could also be stricter than others in that regard.

Finally, don’t rule out negotiating over the value of a plan. You might have little to lose by doing so, and potentially much to achieve. Prolonged automotive warranties are lucrative financial products that leave vendors with much leeway to regulate costs and still make a profit on the sale.

Prolonged Automobile Warranties FAQ

Who has the perfect prolonged automotive warranty?

The perfect prolonged warranty on your vehicle will rely on several aspects: the terms and exclusions of the warranty agreement, the coverage amount, and the premium. As an illustration, most prolonged warranty corporations offer negotiable plans that will let you purchase add-ons and customize coverage to suit your needs. Likewise, the perfect prolonged warranty coverage pays for each original and aftermarket parts on your vehicle.

check in case your automotive has an prolonged warranty

You’ll be able to check in case your automotive has a manufacturer’s warranty by looking up your vehicle’s identification number (VIN) and calling your dealership to confirm its status.

Your automotive’s VIN can normally be found on the wiper blade on the motive force’s side, under the hood or on the motive force’s side door. Once you could have your VIN, check your odometer to see in the event you’ve exceeded your mileage limit.

In keeping with J.D. Power, in the event you’re undecided in case your vehicle has an energetic manufacturer’s warranty or an prolonged warranty, you could find your vehicle’s history on a Carfax report.

How much is an prolonged warranty on a used automotive?

Prolonged warranties from manufacturers and third-party corporations start at about $1,000 for a two-year protection plan and go as much as $3,000 for a five-year plan. (The upper cost of the longer warranty is due partly to the greater likelihood of repairs within the fourth and fifth yr of a plan, since the vehicle is older.)

You generally pay the premium on a monthly basis, and a payment of $40 to $65 a month is typical. Ultimately, the cost of your prolonged warranty will rely on numerous aspects.

Where are you able to buy an prolonged automotive warranty?

You should purchase an prolonged automotive warranty out of your dealership or manufacturer once the factory warranty expires. Because this is applicable to used cars, as well, they’re sometimes also called used automotive warranties. You may also purchase prolonged automotive warranties online from third-party vendors, equivalent to those reviewed here. To acquire a quote from any of those providers, you must complete a web based form or call in to talk with a representative.

How will you avoid automotive warranty scams?

In keeping with the FCC, nearly all of auto warranty scams are robocallers posing as legitimate corporations attempting to get your personal information. The perfect solution to avoid these scams is to not answer any calls from unknown numbers. Nevertheless, if the opposite person appears to have specific details about your automotive and private details, attempt to query them to see in the event that they really work for a legitimate company before providing them with any further information. Lastly, you possibly can all the time report suspected scam phone calls to the FCC.

How We Found the Best Prolonged Automobile Warranties

To seek out the perfect prolonged warranty corporations, Money looked into three most important areas: sorts of service contracts offered, smoothness of claims process and financial backing.

  • Plans and repair contracts. When researching prolonged automotive warranty providers, we searched for corporations that offered sample contracts and details on what each plan covers. This transparency allowed us to narrow down our search and include corporations that offered competitive pricing and warranty transferability. Moreover, most corporations featured on our list offer added perks equivalent to 24/7 roadside assistance, towing, tire substitute or repair, locked-out service and trip interruption coverage.
  • Claims and repairs. Every contract is different, that’s why understanding what’s covered and what’s excluded under your prolonged warranty is essential. We included corporations that supply comprehensive coverage options and supply customers flexibility when choosing a licensed repair shop. As for claims processing, we feature corporations that handle claims in-house in addition to through third-party agencies.
  • Customer satisfaction and financial backing. Our list of the perfect prolonged automotive warranties includes corporations which can be certified by the Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) and the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). We also checked out publicly-available customer reviews on the Higher Business Bureau (BBB). As for financial backing, we chosen third-party corporations that had financial support from large insurance firms. Having strong financial stability may also help guarantee your claims shall be processed.

Summary of Money’s Best Prolonged Automobile Warranty Corporations

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