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Martin Armstrong: Russian Black Fleet Heads to Sea

Russian Navy ships and submarines have suddenly left their base at Novorossiysk, within the Black Sea, en-masse. This is extremely unusual and lots of fear that this can be a change in tactics. The Western Press keeps attempting to paint Russia as losing the war so, quite frankly, they will get more people to volunteer to hitch the military in the event that they think they’re on the winning side.  There isn’t a query that the US and Russia are waging essentially the most intense confrontation for the reason that 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Our model on that confrontation aligned with our major war model showing that 2014 was the tip of that period and the start of this latest period as we head into World War III.

The hardliners will not be completely satisfied in Russia and President Vladimir Putin is being pushed right into a corner. Either he gets more aggressive, or there might be a coup by May. The hardliners are using nuclear threats and other escalations in what they know is now really a proxy war of the USA and NATO against Russia using Ukraine because the pawn they’re willing to sacrifice. NATO troops won’t enterprise in until the last Ukrainian dies on the battlefield.

Washington is wielding its own array of pressures to color Putin as a loser as Octavian did to Mark Antony. The excellent news is that, to this point, each strategies have been very fastidiously calibrated. The bad news is that America and Russia are still on a collision course because the tip goal is definitely to beat Russia.

Sweden has now escalated its draft. Poland is constructing its army of as much as 250,000 men. All of this relies on the expectation that Ukraine can reduce the Russian army and that may make it a cakewalk to invade Russia and drive tanks from Poland right into Moscow.


Sweden was preparing by boosting military spending by around 40% over the five years from 2016 and doubling the numbers conscripted into the armed forces because it looks to beef up its defence amid growing tensions with Russia post-2014. Meanwhile, France, Italy, Latvia and Lithuania scrapped conscription as they concluded that large-scale defence was now not obligatory before 2014, but now they’ve all reversed policies.

The Joe Biden administration pledged to defend “every inch” of Nato territory. That has complicated matters for Putin to interfere with Ukraine’s supply lines through Romania and Poland. The Western Press keeps pitching the identical propaganda that Putin is spiralling toward defeat in Ukraine and should not survive that end result politically. Yet I do know that the hardliners are there and if Putin doesn’t grow to be more aggressive, they could indeed replace him by May after which holy hell will break loose.

Putin is warning Washington in addition to Kyiv that attacks on those territories are tantamount to attacks on Russia itself. The Biden administration has opted to not hearken to anything from Putin and only seeks war instructing Zelensky to sacrifice his own people and to reject any peace talks in any respect. If the US hands Zelensky long-range missiles, he’ll use them to attack mainland Russia and that may begin World War III.

EVERY President throughout my entire life has all the time sought peace. The Biden Administration and NATO only speak about pushing war. NEVER have I ever witnessed such irresponsible leadership for this is basically about Climate Change.

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