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by Chris Black

The examine checked out 30,712,101 people who had obtained varied doses of the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines between 11 December 2020 and 15 January 2022.

They recognized 4 statistical indicators for elevated threat of acute myocardial infarction (ACI), pulmonary embolism (PE), disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) and immune thrombocytopenia following the Pfizer vaccine.

PEs (blood clots on the lungs) have been 54% extra probably, ACIs (coronary heart assaults) have been 42% extra probably, DICs (blood clotting dysfunction) have been 91% extra probably and ITPs (platelet dysfunction) 44% extra probably.

Nonetheless, they are saying that after additional analysis the speed ratios for AMI, DIC and ITP not met the statistical threshold for a sign. However, even after their additional analysis, the speed ratio for PE nonetheless met the statistical threshold.

Comically/Tragically, after greater than two years of injecting individuals, they name their monitoring examine an “early warning security system”!

They conclude that this FDA “early warning security system is working to quickly establish potential new and essential security issues following COVID-19 vaccination”. 

Wow, I’m glad they didn’t use their slower system as a result of then we’d be in actual bother!

As typical and as you’ll count on, they go to nice lengths to say that the 4 outcomes aren’t essentially brought on by the vaccine and could also be associated to different elements.

Moreover, although their very own examine has simply proven the elevated dangers to the aged, they are saying they BELIEVE the potential advantages of the vaccines outweigh the potential dangers of Covid an infection.

 Since when has ‘imagine’ been a scientific manner of analyzing issues? It sounds extra like a spiritual conviction.

Because of this, they gained’t be taking any regulatory actions primarily based on these indicators, as a result of they’re nonetheless beneath investigation and require extra sturdy examine. 

So within the meantime, hold taking your boosters and we’ll let you already know in perhaps one other two years that sure the blood clots in your lungs have been from the vaccine. 

However we nonetheless BELIEVE your blood clots have been higher than your Covid an infection, which you continue to received 5 instances anyway – Amen.

I’m wondering which MSM retailers will report on the FDAs personal examine

Hyperlink to the examine:

Most vaccination normally, not simply COVID vaccination, is pointless for most individuals.

Many diseases which are generally “vaccinated” in opposition to are themselves very low-risk diseases with low An infection Fatality Charges.

Once you administer a vaccine, there’s all the time some quantity of threat of hostile response, like with another drug. Once we take any type of drug, we weigh threat in opposition to reward. 

Is the chance of taking the drug higher or lesser than the chance of not taking it?

Provided that the efficacy of vaccines and medicines normally is nearly all the time misrepresented by drug producers—by utilizing RELATIVE numbers as an alternative of ABSOLUTE ones—it’s comprehensible why so many individuals are confused as to the precise efficacy of vaccination.

Within the case of the COVID vaccine, it’s just about indeniable that it doesn’t defend you from COVID. No matter threat discount you get in any respect could be very, very small in absolute phrases. 

Journal articles have been being revealed about this even within the early days of the vaccine rollout.

If we assume that there are not any actual dangers concerned in taking the vaccine, then in the best possible case situation, it’s principally snake oil. 

The freebie pictures are ending and now there’s an entire contingency of brainwashed fools who will proceed to shell out for pictures that don’t work as a result of they’re terrified of catching a chilly.

Once more: assuming no threat in any respect…


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